Global Partnerships between Venture Capitalists and their Portfolios

Business Bridge for VC-backed Startups

We work closely with our global VC industry networks to provide customized solutions for VC-backed startups to boost their worldwide expansion and success.

  • Cross-border Business Partnership between VC-backed Startups
    • Technology Commercialization (R&BD, Pilot Production, ODM)
    • Technical Marketing
  • Global Expansion through Global VCs and their Strategic LP Networks
  • Branch Office Services for inbound Startups
    • Market Research and Feasibility Study
    • Arranging Business Meetings and Tours
    • Developing Sales Channels and Local Partnerships
    • Solutions to Business Regulation & Certification
    • Engineering/Product Supervision & Inspection
    • Commercial Trading Agency

Investment Bridge for Venture Capital and Strategic Investor

We source deals that fit VC funds' investment goals and provide pre- and post-investment services for inbound and outbound VCs and strategic investors.

  • Deal sourcing (Seed, Series A, B, and Pre-IPO, including M&A)
  • Pre-investment management until deal-done
  • Post-investment management of risk, value-up, and exit
  • All the customized services required

Customized Solutions for foreign (non-Korean) Venture Capital

We support deal sourcing and fundraising for foreign VC funds.

  • Deal-sourcing

We source deals from our VC industry network in Korea to offer co-investment opportunities with Korean VCs for Seeds, Series A, B, and pre-IPO. 

Cross-border investments create synergy and add value to VC funds by enhancing startups' global expansion and exit opportunities.

  • Fundraising from Korean LPs

A successful track record in the Korean VC market can open doors to Korean institutional and strategic LPs, resulting in more investment opportunities and the potential to become a global leader.

Our services include providing all necessary information about the Korean VC ecosystem and offering tailored support to help obtain funds from Korean LPs.

  • Branch and Liaison Office

We provide branch or liaison office services for international venture capitalists who want to explore investment and fundraising opportunities in Korea. We aim to minimize financial risks while maximizing investment returns. 

Our team comprises experienced VC professionals with vast networks in the local market. This enables us to offer customized services tailored to our client's needs.

We also support fundraising programs for foreign VC funds.

  • The Korean public funds of funds have implemented various initiatives to support and enhance Korea's venture capital industry ecosystem. 
  • One of these initiatives is “the FVCIF Investment Plans,“ which aims to help Korean startups expand globally by collaborating with foreign VCs and utilizing their international networks. 
  • FVCIF (Foreign VC Investment Fund) is a government fund of funds that invests in foreign VC funds managed by foreign VCs, with KVIC (Korea Venture Investment Corp.) serving as the GP.
  • Foreign venture capitalists (VCs) can leverage the program's success as an indicator of successful foreign VCs in Korea to gain access to top Korean limited partners.

Customized Solutions for Foreign (non-Korean) LPs

We support the entry of foreign limited partners to Korean VC funds. Over 400 VC funds are launched annually in Korea, with over half sponsored by the Korea Fund of Funds (KFoF).

We offer foreign investors the chance to invest in Korean VC funds sponsored and pre-reviewed by the KFoF and institutional anchors. 

The Korea Venture Capital Market Summary