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Venture Capital Professionals Group

We are venture capital professionals based in Seoul, with a strategic network that includes venture capitalists, tech-based startups, SME-supporting institutions, and financial/strategic investors (LPs).

Customized Solutions for Global Partnerships among Venture Capitals and their Portfolios

We specialize in creating customized solutions for foreign and Korean venture capitalists and their portfolios to add value to their businesses. We aim to assist them in entering international markets and expanding their global presence. Our approach seeks to enhance global synergy, strengthen cross-border business partnerships, and facilitate joint investment, merger, and acquisition opportunities, ultimately maximizing the value of VC funds.

Opportunities through International Collaboration

Collaborating with global venture capital networks can help you enter new markets more safely and unlock better business opportunities.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a potential business partnership, please email

We facilitate global synergy and create value for VC funds and their portfolios.

Global Partnerships between Venture Capitalists and their Portfolios

Business Bridge for VC-backed Startups

We work closely with our global VC industry networks to provide customized solutions for VC-backed startups to boost their worldwide expansion and success.

  • Cross-border Business Partnership between VC-backed Startups
    • Technology Commercialization (R&BD, Pilot Production, ODM)
    • Technical Marketing
  • Global Expansion through Global VCs and their Strategic LP Networks
  • Branch Office Services for inbound Startups
    • Market Research and Feasibility Study
    • Arranging Business Meetings and Tours
    • Developing Sales Channels and Local Partnerships
    • Solutions to Business Regulation & Certification
    • Engineering/Product Supervision & Inspection
    • Commercial Trading Agency

Investment Bridge for Venture Capital and Strategic Investor

We source deals that fit VC funds' investment goals and provide pre- and post-investment services for inbound and outbound VCs and strategic investors.

  • Deal sourcing (Seed, Series A, B, and Pre-IPO, including M&A)
  • Pre-investment management until deal-done
  • Post-investment management of risk, value-up, and exit
  • All the customized services required

Customized Solutions for foreign (non-Korean) Venture Capital

We support deal sourcing and fundraising for foreign VC funds.

  • Deal-sourcing

We source deals from our VC industry network in Korea to offer co-investment opportunities with Korean VCs for Seeds, Series A, B, and pre-IPO. 

Cross-border investments create synergy and add value to VC funds by enhancing startups' global expansion and exit opportunities.

  • Fundraising from Korean LPs

A successful track record in the Korean VC market can open doors to Korean institutional and strategic LPs, resulting in more investment opportunities and the potential to become a global leader.

Our services include providing all necessary information about the Korean VC ecosystem and offering tailored support to help obtain funds from Korean LPs.

  • Branch and Liaison Office

We provide branch or liaison office services for international venture capitalists who want to explore investment and fundraising opportunities in Korea. We aim to minimize financial risks while maximizing investment returns. 

Our team comprises experienced VC professionals with vast networks in the local market. This enables us to offer customized services tailored to our client's needs.

We also support fundraising programs for foreign VC funds.

  • The Korean public funds of funds have implemented various initiatives to support and enhance Korea's venture capital industry ecosystem. 
  • One of these initiatives is “the FVCIF Investment Plans,“ which aims to help Korean startups expand globally by collaborating with foreign VCs and utilizing their international networks. 
  • FVCIF (Foreign VC Investment Fund) is a government fund of funds that invests in foreign VC funds managed by foreign VCs, with KVIC (Korea Venture Investment Corp.) serving as the GP.
  • Foreign venture capitalists (VCs) can leverage the program's success as an indicator of successful foreign VCs in Korea to gain access to top Korean limited partners.

Customized Solutions for Foreign (non-Korean) LPs

We support the entry of foreign limited partners to Korean VC funds. Over 400 VC funds are launched annually in Korea, with over half sponsored by the Korea Fund of Funds (KFoF).

We offer foreign investors the chance to invest in Korean VC funds sponsored and pre-reviewed by the KFoF and institutional anchors. 

The Korea Venture Capital Market Summary

VC Industry Professionals

Tae Soo YANG

Tae Soo is a venture capitalist and management consultant. He has worked for +20 years in venture capital and has been supporting startups as an investor and management consultant. He is the founder and former CEO of

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Jiyoung Tim KANG

Tim is a veteran venture capitalist and has been an active IT and Cleantech investor for over 20 years. He received the Korean Government Minister’s Award for his outstanding VC Achievements in venture capital.

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Seungchul BAIK

Seungchul is a research engineer, technical marketer, and engineering partnership coordinator. He creates synergy by combining technology with marketing. He won the 'POSCO Grand Prize.' for his outstanding achievements in global partnership.

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Kyung Chul MIN

Kyung Chul has worked in the VC industry for +20 years. He has a vast SI and FI network. He has performed many M&A and Buyout successes. He is actively working on M&A and buyouts.

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Byunghee SUH

Byunghee is a venture capitalist and engineer actively investing in ICT, Robots, Smart Healthcare, and emerging tech-based industries. He worked as a startup engineer and is actively incubating and adding value to startups.

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Peter AHN

Peter is an investor and Engineering Manager, actively investing in BT, Fuel-cell, and Secondary Batteries. He received the Best R&D Award from the LG group and is acknowledged as one of the best secondary battery development engineers.

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Yohan LEE

Yohan is working as the head of The Sandbox in the Southeast Asian Region. He is a leader in the Metaverse industry and is active in building open and decentralized platforms in the Metaverse industry.

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Min Tae KIM

Min Tae has worked as the Chief Researcher of He has published 32 SCI theses. He is an MOT professional with a Ph.D. from the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

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Tae Hyun YANG

Tae Hyun is the foremost engineer in the Protective Facilities of international & military airports against conventional, nuclear, and chemical weapons. He is applying these technologies to the private sector worldwide.

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Byung Chul YU

Byung Chul is an expert in R&BD management and a solution provider for business regulation and certification. He is the chief researcher of KIST and a registered engineer in KPEA.

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Jinkyo KIM

JinKyo has worked as the investment chief of CVC. He is an active investor and consultant for startups in the ICT industry. He has a vast engineer and manager network in ICT.

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Korea VC industry Networks

Busines Partnerships and Joint Investment Opportunities 

Please send your suggestions and requests.

for Business & Engineering Partnerships and Joint Investments

VCB-A01  Cereals and Functional Foods

A Green Brand for a Healthy Grain Food, Specializing in Safe Grain Processing

VC-backed Firm


Korea's First and Leading Healthy Food Company, Producing Cereals and Functional Foods with Self-developed Technology and a Solid Domestic/Global Supply Network of More than 120

  • Sprouted Whole Grains  Highly Processed Food Providing Convenience and High Nutrition
  • Cereal Products  Using local grains, keeping good texture and taste, secures products’ safety.
  • Cereal Bars/Snacks  New/Trendy Functional Products for fun and health 


Patents / GMP / Certificate of Organic Processing & Sprouted Whole Grains / Defense Quality (ISO9001) / HACCP (weight-loss products, Cereals, Other processed food, Snacks), etc.

Potential Partnerships

  • Engineering and Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing, OEM
  • Distributing Agency Partnership, Technology Transfer
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor of Series B, Strategic M&A

VCB-A02   Open Source Software (OSS) Security Solution

Identifying Security and Compliance Issues in Open Source Code 

VC-backed Firm

A VC-backed firm with significant business and technical experience in the IT industry. The founding team specializes in open-source software, compliance, and security.

Core Technology

Unique Fingerprinting Technology to Scan Binary without Source Code or Reverse Engineering

Insignary Clarity leverages unique fingerprint-matching technology that extracts “fingerprints” from the target binary code to examine and compare against the fingerprints collected from open-source components in numerous open-source repositories. 

It helps customers visualize their binary code by identifying known, preventable security vulnerabilities and highlighting potential license compliance issues. Clarity uses unique fingerprint-based technology, which works on the binary level without needing source code or reverse engineering.


  • Open Source Software Security 
  • Firmware & Application Security
  • License Compliance 
  • Solutions by Industry

Potential Partnerships

  • Distributing Agency Partnership
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor of Series B

VCB-A03  PET Recycling Robot

VCB-A03 creates and promotes waste trade markets using Industry 4.0 technologies.

VC-backed Firm

VCB-A03, with its waste management method, sorts and collects recyclable wastes with AI & robotics technology and encourage consumers to participate by providing financial rewards.

Big Data on Waste and Robotic Technology 

It has accumulated big data on images of recyclable resources, and robotic technology identifies and sorts recyclable resources. Also, the robot is remotely controlled, and its state is checked in real-time. 

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing and OEM
  • Distributing Agency Partnership
  • Technology Transfer 
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor of Series B / Strategic M&A

VCB-A04  Patch-Type Wearable ECG Monitor

TOTAL ECG Monitoring Solution, AT-Heart / Diagnosis Assistance & Patient Monitoring

VC-backed Firm


AT-Patch / AT-Note / AT-Report / AT- Monitoring

Long-time ESG Monitoring for up to 14 days

Long-time ECG monitoring is necessary for the clinical field to find arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats that appear intermittently and get timely treatments. Its patching system operates for up to 14 days(active mode) with only one single-use coin cell battery. 

Small Size and Lightweight

This patch-type medical device is optimized for long-term continuous ECG monitoring,  wearable, ambulatory ECG monitor, compact size, and only 13g weight.

32 Patents on electrocardiograms among 34 patents on healthcare 

Fifteen patents on original sensing technology and equipment design. Thirteen patents are about ECG signal processing algorithms. Four of the patents are about AI algorithms for ECG analysis. The other two patents are biosignals and healthcare. 

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions 
  • Development Manufacturing and OEM
  • Distributing Agency Partnership
  • Technology Transfer and Distributing Agency Partnership
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor of Series B / Strategic M&A

VCB-A05   Network Semiconductors for Autonomous Vehicle

Solution Provider for High-Speed Automotive Link Technology

VC-backed Firm

SerDes Technology

  • High-Speed data transmitting:  up to  16Gbps
  • The pioneer of  the High-Speed  SerDes Chip, supporting Global Automotive Standard (ASA  'Motion Link')
  • Robust Control & Reliable Safety for the Next Generation Mobility
    (Electric Vehicle, Autonomous Car)
  • Energy efficiency &  affordable cost for Next Automotive Industry

Ethernet Technology

Automotive manufacturers are adding more and more computer-based systems, applications, and connections, driving up bandwidth requirements. Ethernet products will help manufacturers' wiring costs, weight, and fuel efficiency.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing and OEM 
  • Distributing Agency Partnership
  • Technology Transfer 
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor of Series B / Strategic M&A

And More ...

for Business & Engineering Partnerships and Joint Investments

DMA01  Best Solution Partner

Providing Film Development & Manufacturing Solutions, and Technical Marketing

Technical, Cost, and Delivery Solutions for Films of Home Appliance

Major Products are Functional Film, Deco Film, Electrical Insulation Film, Thermal Management Parts, and PCB-related Items.

Customers  HA (Home Alliance) of LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Technical Marketing (Development & Marketing Coordination)
  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing

DMA02  EverIndus

Providing Digital Cloud for Metal  Material Industry

Business & Technology Collaborations in the Metal Industry through Digital Cloud  

EverIndus delivers a platform for metal materials, metal parts, metal manufacturing facilities & equipment, and metal products. It accelerates collaborations in the metal industry and provides Metal Technology & Manufacturing Solutions and Technical Marketing for Tech-based SMEs through the digital cloud. 

Metal Engineering & Design Solutions, Development  Manufacturing, and Technical Marketing

Solutions = Metal + Application Technology + Commercial Support  

Potential Partnerships 

  • Technical Marketing (Development & Marketing Coordination)
  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA03  DYC  

Tool Development and Manufacturing

Main Business: HSS & Carbide Cutting Tools

The Development and Manufacturing of HSS & Carbide Cutting Tools, such as Endmills, Drills, Counter Sinks, Cutters, Reamers, and Aerospace Assembly Cutting Tools, using good quality raw materials

Core Competence

  • Ability to Producing Standard & Special Tools
  • Producing HSS & Carbide Cutting Tools
  • Using Good Quality HSS & Carbide Raw Materials

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA04 EasternGear

High Precision, High Power Robot Gear Development & Manufacturing 

Over View

Gear performs core roles in the use of machinery but has been designed in the old way. With the core competence in design, manufacturing, and system analysis, EasternGear develops and manufactures high-level gears with high power and precision.

Core Competence

  • High Efficiency
  • Low NVH
  • Downsizing
  • Long-life gear through system analysis and optimization design. 


Hyundai Robotics, GM, POSCO, Samsung, POONGSAN Corp., SMEC, DAEDONG TECH, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, YASKAWA, Hitachi Metals, MAKISHINKO, IGUS, etc.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA05  EarlyTech 

Vehicle & Electronic Products Engineering and Design Solution

EarlyTech provides Engineering & Design Services for Vehicle and Electronic Products. 

Core Competence in

  • Vehicle engineering
  • Electronic product engineering
  • Product design


POSCO, Galanz, Samsung Electronics, and Toyota/Hyundai/KIA/R-Samsung Motor.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor


Automotive Components Supplier

Automotive Components Development and Manufacturing with EV's Core Technology

ERAE AMS has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and supplies core automotive components of Driveline systems, EV systems, ADAS, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Chassis, Smart Car Components, etc. (annual over two mill vehicle parts globally)

Core Competence

Its superior technology has been acknowledged by world-renowned automobile manufacturers in the USA, Germany, Italy, and China, as well as Korea, as it has supplied compact and lightweight automotive components with outstanding performance and durability based on unparalleled capability in management, production, and technology.


ERAE supplies automotive components to global automotive manufacturers in over 20 countries.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA07  ExpressLab

Developing Solutions for Analysis, Design, and Tracking 

Control of Industrial Process

Business Area

  • Continuous Casting of Steel
  • Continuous Casting of Al Alloy
  • Cold Rolling Process
  • Ingot Casting Process
  • Electrochemical Plating Process
  • Design of Gas Pipeline

Core Competence

ExpressLab provides advanced steel-making solutions and has global competitiveness in Process Optimization, Quality Prediction, Automation, and Smart factory Solution. 

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA08  JTSolution

Premier Tooling Partner, Process Control Design

Core Competence in Design & Assembly, Process Control Design, and Assembly & DTO

Design & Assembly

  • Concept Design reflecting part requirements
  • Goal Design to fit stamping atmosphere & production volume
  • Proposing Alternates after Understanding Customer Requirements
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Cost Analysis Design

Process Control Design

  • Process Control Design
  • Using the Largest Jig-Grinder, Improve Precisionsand Guarantee Die Accuracy

Assembly & DTO

  • Set up Best Conditions
  • Make sure to Meet Customer Requirements
  • Prepare Action Plans for Possible Issues
  • Get Feed-backs to make sure the Validation

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

DMA09  C-Stone

Vehicle Drive System Design and Development Expert

Business Area

  • Customizable Actuator for an electric vehicle, with full-efficiency
  • Electric Vehicle Motor/Transmission
  • In-Wheel Drive Unit (IWDU)
  • InnovatiHigh-Efficiencyncy Clutch
  • Dual Clutch SystemC

R&BD References

  • 2 Speed EV Transmission with Torque Vectoring
  • Clutch Test Set-up & Test Results (HMC)
  • HSG Cross Section


Hyundai Motors, Hyundai DYMOS, POWERTECH, SECO, Mubea, Jatco, Ford, KIMM, SUBARU, etc.

Potential Partnerships 

  • Engineering & Design Solutions
  • Development Manufacturing
  • Matching VC Fund & Strategic Investor

TMA01  M2A Partners

Connecting Australian Products and Services to Asia

Advisory Firm for Mining, Resource, and Energy companies 

M2A has a vast network of Mining, Resource, and Energy firms in Australia. It provides strategic advisory for marketing high-speed ferry boats, lithium, graphite, green hydrogen (spodumene concentrates), etc. 


Large Korean Conglomerate Companies, Steel Mills, Oil&Gas, Shipping, and Plastics Companies in Korea, China, and Taiwan

Potential Partnerships 

  • Technical Marketing and Commercial Trading Agency
  • Matching Fund & Strategic Investors for mining, resource, and energy projects

And More...

Technologies from Private/Governmental R&BD Institutions

TTA01  Intelligent Robotics Technology

Autonomous Driving Vehicle without a Driver's Seat, Discovering a New Value for Transportation

Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Researchers succeeded in developing an autonomous driving vehicle without a steering wheel by mounting a high-performance AI SW onto an electric vehicle model by an SME. The passenger can engage in any activity inside the vehicle since driving is not necessary.

Commercial autonomous driving technologies available now are at level 2 or 3, which still have the driver's seat and drivers need to intervene as necessary. On the contrary, Researchers developed a technology that makes vehicles without the driver's seat fully prepared for the era of level 4 autonomous driving.

TTA02  Walking Assistance Technology for the Elderly

Improving Elderly People's Quality of Life through ICT

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Technology

Researchers have recently developed a walking assistance technology that allows users to move their joints through functional electrical stimulation (FES).

Electrodes-consisted patches are attached to the desired muscle points, and the system will determine the users' intentions and how much they want to move their joints. It will then naturally and electrically help their muscles generate the desired comfort.

TTA03  Technologies Specialized in Robots That Help the Elderly

Actualizing Home Service Robots with Dataset Specialized for the Elderly

Open Source Data and Core Technologies to Train Robots for Human-Robot Interactions

It was hard to study robots for elders because practically no data were available. 

A high-quality 3D image dataset obtained with great efforts by the researchers will be provided to companies, schools, and laboratories for research purposes.

Also, open-source data and core technologies will be provided to train robots for human-robot interactions. Primary technologies developed by researchers so far include 13 AI robot technologies that *recognize the everyday behavior of elders, *their appearance (facial features and clothing styles), *belongings, *robots that automatically create interactions with elders, *voice recognition specialized for elders, etc.

The researchers plan to develop robotic technologies that support the elderly and socially disadvantaged people's everyday activities, including organizing, cleaning, cooking, and running errands.

TTA04  Realistic VR Technology

Realistic Firefighting Training Realized Safely with VR

Realistic Firefighting Training Simulator

Researchers have recently created a realistic simulator using VR that allows firefighting training that utilizes actual firefighting tools in virtual reality.

This simulator is a composition of state-of-the-art VR technology featuring things such as motion simulator technology that allows safe immersion experiences, multi-sensory interface technology that support realistic fire situations, and training content developed with the help of firefighters.

Researchers will implement heat and cooling sensation devices on firefighters' breathing devices and uniforms and enhance the technology to monitor the trainees' vital signs to create a more realistic and practical training environment.

TTA05  Celluar IoT Technology

Smart Factories Using Core 5G and Ultra-Low Latency Network Technologies

Industrial loT based on the 5G standard (Rel-15)  for Smart Factories 

Smart factories aim to provide various customized products in real time. Thus, the workers should be able to change process sequences and functions using panels and controllers, and the mobile robots must be able to link production facilities or make a product according to the changed processes.

Researchers demonstrated 

  • real-time control of mobile robots
  • monitoring and control of production facilities using a portable control panel
  • monitoring of processes using portable VR devices like HMD
  • wireless communication among PLCs required for the flexible change of production lines.

Researchers plan to demonstrate a real-time control and management service of facilities from a remote site through the 5G wired and wireless networks that can guarantee low latency of within 1/100 seconds(one-way) and high reliability. 

And also, they are to prove the possibility of remote overseas management and control through the intercontinental connection of a high-performance network.

TTA06  Satellite Communication Tech.

Overcoming the Limits of Communication with Satellites

ASIC Technology 

Researchers reduced the size and significantly reduced the cost of manufacturing the device by combining two critical functions needed to use the network satellite communication into one, the radio wave transmission and the reception function in the terminal equipment.

ASICs exceed those of the world's best products that are currently commercialized. It improved not only the satellite communication technology but also its usability.

ASIC technology will be used for emergency responses at domestic disaster sites. The terminal equipment implemented with ASIC is light and developed so firefighters and ordinary people can use it easily. (The existing satellite communication equipment is heavy and complicated, requiring an SNG vehicle.)

TTA07  Non-Contact Sensors with 660 Times High Sensitivity

Emerging Power of the Touchless Market with Non-Contact Sensors 

Honeycomb-shaped MoS2 Structure

Non-contact or touchless sensors detect position, speed, temperature, air quality, or distance using a non-contact measurement method. Merits of these sensors include high reli­ability, fast operating speed, and long service life because it does not require any physical contact during their operation. 

Researchers in Korea recently developed a non-contact sensor that can detect humidity at a distance of about 1 cm without direct contact. This sensor's sensitivity is 660 times higher than existing sensors with a detection time of 0.5 seconds, up to 12 times faster than existing commercial sensors that take five to six seconds, and can significantly help prevent contagious diseases in the COVID-19 era. 

This new sensor uses a new material called molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and can detect moisture like sweat on the skin and breathing at high sensitivity. The researchers could drastically improve the sensitivity of this sensor by creating a honeycomb structure and coating it with molybdenum disulfide. This is because the honeycomb structure of sensor materials can improve sensitivity by broadening the specific surface area for detecting moisture and vapor. 

Researchers expect sensor technologies that can sense external information in real-time to improve public health and sanitation while adding convenience to everyday life.

TTA08  Simultaneous Transfer and Bonding (SITRAB) Tech.

Connecting High-Quality Content with Micro LED Display 

SITRAB Technology for Micro LED Display significantly reduces investment, material, and process repairing costs.

There are diverse display technologies in 4K and 8K resolutions, such as mini LED, OLED, and micro LED. Micro LED has the best definition, color reproduction, and dynamic range. It is expected to apply to devices such as TV, smartwatches, and AR/VR displays, but it is too expensive to commercialize. 

The conventional manufacturing system followed the LED bonding process after the LED transfer process. There was difficulty commercializing micro LED because of the expensive transfer and bonding machines and lengthy processing time.

Under this circumstance, a Korean research group has developed new technologies and materials for micro LEDs that realize the transfer and bonding processes, which were sequential processes, into one process.

Compared with conventional technologies, the new technology developed can reduce the processing time and investment cost for transfer and bonding equipment to 1/10, and the time and cost of the process to repair defective pixels can be reduced to 1/100. The cost of new materials is also reduced to 1/100.

And More ...