Seungchul BAIK

Research Engineer, Technical Marketer, and Engineering Partnership Coordinator

Seungchul had worked as a metallurgical researcher and technical marketer at POSCO, the global steel company, where he promoted newly developed tech-based products to international markets. 

'POSCO Grand Prize' at POSCO

He had worked as a project manager at POSCO's European office in Germany, as head of the solution marketing group, director of the Electric Steel Plate Sales Group of POSCO, and vice president of IT Engineering (ITE), a subsidiary company of POCO.  

He proposed the “Global POSCO EVI Forum", where POSCO's tech-based products were successfully matched to customers worldwide, and he got the Grand Prize for this achievement.

He creates synergies by combining technology with manufacturing and technical marketing between SMEs and large companies.

He proposed the GPB (Global Platform Business) concept to connect POSCO, POSCO Family, and POSCO customers related to automobile parts.

He also proposed 'Solution Marketing' to accelerate the application of newly developed products to penetrate the international markets. 

Engineering Doctoral Degree from Seoul National University. 

He has researched automotive high-strength steel, part application technology, and fining metal grains using Equal Channel Angular Press (ECAP) at the Clausthal Technical University in Germany. He also proposed and conducted a joint study of POSCO with a German steel company and universities.